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ECW: Hardcore Wrestling to the End

Extreme Championship Wrestling was a groundbreaking wrestling organization. It helped influence the WWE and spawned many copycat wrestling organizations. ECW was well known for its die-hard and loyal fans. Audience participation and chanting were a regular part of any ECW show. They were also well known for pushing the envelope with their story lines and […]

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Top Ten Wrestling Performers of All Time

Yes, we all know that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan will go down as two of the most popular Wrestlers of all time, and when it comes to legends who could forget names like Bob Backlund and Bruno Sammartino? These are some of the all time top names in the business. But if […]

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What Muscles Are Used In Arm Wrestling?

One of the best ways to spend an afternoon with friends is by holding arm wrestling competitions amongst yourselves. If you become a good arm wrestler, you can sign up for tournaments in your area and dazzle with your might. But how will you get better? What muscles should you beef up in readiness for your […]

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What Is Strong Style Wrestling?

Do you like wrestling? Of course, you do. But understand, there is American wrestling, such as we see in the WWE, and there is Japanese wrestling. They call it “Puroresu”. I will examine, in this article, one of the most exciting forms of Japanese wrestling out there: Strong Style Wrestling. Are you interested? Picture a […]

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How To Win At Arm Wrestling – Expert Guideline

How many times have you involved yourself in an arm wrestling and lost terribly? I know you’ve always felt totally embarrassed and had to hide your face as you walk away from the scenes. You leave your mate being congratulated…and if that scene was a bar, he undoubtedly worn a couple of girls’ heart and […]

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